Clinical Research in Brazil: not for beginners

1 st Symposium of Clinical Research in Brazil: Not for beginners Challenges, innovation and entrepreneurship PROGRAM 01/12/2017 Friday – Morning – CEVAP Unesp Fazenda Lageado 8h00 – Registration 8h30 – Opening and Reception – Marco Fireman (State Secretary SCTIE/Ministry of Health Brazil) – Camile Giaretta Sachetti (DECIT/SCTIE/Ministry of Health Brazil) -Rodrigo G M Silvestre (DECIIS/SCTIE/Ministry of Health Brazil) -Flavia Regina Souza Sobral (ANVISA Brazil) -Sergio Swain Müller (SES/SP Brazil) -Marcelo Strama (Sub Secretary of Science and Technology SP Brazil) -Sandro Roberto Valentini (Rectory of UNESP) -Carlos Frederico de Oliveira Graeff (Research Pro-rectory UNESP) -João Lima Sant’anna Neto (Graduate Pro-rectory UNESP) -Mário Eduardo Pardini Affonseca (Botucatu County Mayor) -Carlos Alberto Costa (Technologic Park of Botucatu County) -Pasqual Barretti (Director of Botucatu Medical School UNESP) -Rui Seabra Ferreira Jr (Director of CEVAP Unesp) -Carlos Antonio Caramori (Coordinator Clinical Research Graduate Program UNESP) -Lehana Thabane (International Guest Representative McMaster University) -Edimilson Migowski (Presidente do Instituto Vital Brasil) -Moacyr Bighetti (CEO Kaivo R&D Health Ltda) 10h00 – Coffee Break and Confraternization 10h30 – Opening Ceremony of the CEVAP/IVB Bioproducts Unit Cornerstone 11h30 – Lunch 01/12/2017 Friday – Evening – FMB Unesp Salão Nobre 13h30 – 15h00 – Round Table: “The Clinical Research enterprise in Brazil” (Chairman: Carlos Antonio Caramori) -Brazilian Government strategy and funding to improve clinical research: role of DECIT/SCTIE/Ministry of Health – Camile Giaretta Sachetti (DECIT BRAZIL) -Brazilian Government strategy and funding to improve clinical research: role of DECIIS/SCTIE/Ministry of Health – Rodrigo G M Silvestre (DECIIS BRAZIL) -Challenges and advances in the regulatory system of clinical research in Brazil – Flávia Regina Souza Sobral (ANVISA) -Discussion 15h10 – 15h30 – Coffee Break 15h30 – 17h00 – Round Table: “Global Challenges of Clinical Research” (Chairman: Benedito Barraviera) -The turning point of health research (from basic science to end-product): perceptions of a Brazilian foreign – Renato Monteiro (INSERM FRANCE) -Animal toxins as a tool to design new drugs to clinical trials – Paulo A. Melo (UFRJ Brazil) -Little for too much… – Joel Keravec (DNDi Latin America) -Discussion 17h10 – 17:30 – Coffee Break 17h30 – 18h30 – Round Table: ” Actions on entrepreneurship and innovation” (Chairman: Carlos Antonio Caramori) -São Paulo System of Technology Parks (SPTec) and its role in scientific and technological innovation – Carlos Alberto Costa (PMB BRAZIL) -Brazilian Strategy to create a local Biotech and CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization) Industry – Edson Arakaki (SHIRE BRAZIL) -Discussion 02/12/2017 Saturday – Morning – FMB Unesp Salão Nobre 9h00 – 10h30 – Round Table: “Skills development for scientific growth” (Chairman: Carlos Antonio Caramori) -Key factors of clinical research network capacity-building – Lehana Thabane (MC MASTER CANADA) -The professional graduate courses as an engine of the scientific and economic development – Rodrigo do Tocantins Calado De Saloma Rodrigues (USP RP CAPES BRAZIL) -Discussion 10h45 – Coffee break 11h00 – 12h30 – Round Table: Models of Cooperation in science, technology and innovation (Chairman: Rui Seabra Ferreira Jr) -Venom components as basis for new pharmacological products: steps on USA – Leslie Victoria Boyer (University of Arizona – VIPER Institute – EUA) -New possibilities for the public pharmaceutical sector in Brazil – Octávio Pontes (IVB BRAZIL) -Discussion 12h45 – Closing Promoters: -Graduate Program in Clinical Research FMB / CEVAP Unesp -Technologic Park of Biotechnology of Botucatu – Botucatu county, Sao Paulo State Sponsors: -Science and Technology Department (DECIT) of Ministry of Health (MS) Brazil -Industrial Complex and Innovation in Health Department (DECIIS) of Ministry of Health (MS) Brazil -Pan American Organization of Health (PAHO) of World Health Organization (WHO).